“Why” Matters: Key to Losing Weight

Why Do I want to Lose Weight?

The reason we want to lose weight is very important. If we are losing weight to please someone else, or for a special event, we are likely to fail or to regain our weight. The “why” matters!  When we reach a point where we really want to do it for ourselves, and for the benefits to our health with a 100% belief that it matters, we then are ready to succeed.

I tried to lose weight for both of my daughter’s weddings. I did very poorly. It was going to take more work than I was willing to invest, for just one day. The problem was I was focused on the day, not on the other aspects of what weight loss would do for me. To succeed we must establish some weight loss strategies that will support our weight loss goals.

When the WHY becomes so important to us that we are totally committed and ready to be accountable to ourselves for all of our decisions, then we are ready.  Written goals are a key weight loss strategy. It is not possible to be accountable to goals that are not written. It is simply too easy to change the goal.


I am willing to be accountable for my actions. We are more responsible for what we bring into our lives than most of us want to accept. It is so much easier to blame others, and events outside ourselves for our behaviors. We go to a party and eat too much and say “I couldn’t help it. I was confronted with so many yummy things.” But, the fact remains. We had the choice to be short-sighted and gravitate toward immediate gratification at the expense of long-term results.

Short-term thinking will sabotage results every time. We can consume enough calories in 5 minutes to counteract a complete week of eating a healthy low calorie eating plan. The biggest and hardest lesson for me to learn is that what I don’t put in my mouth is as important as what I do put in my mouth.

As they say, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

Develop a system for keeping track of your accountability. I have a page with 7 daisies on it. Each daisy has 24 petals. Every time I stay on track, I color in a petal. The goal at the end of the day is to have all the petals filled in. It is great because I color the petals from midnight until I get up, upon getting up. That way, my day is off to a great start. Making it easier to focus on filling in the rest of the petals.

Whether that is writing everything you eat down, keeping a petal chart, or buying yourself a rose or carnation each day on the way home, if you have stayed true to your personal commitment to lose weight helps with accountability.