Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight Loss Affirmations – Weight Loss Success

New Year’s Resolutions Seldom Last
Have you already given up on your New Year’s Resolutions? Only 23% of New Year’s Resolutions are kept. Sometimes it is a lack of commitment to the goal. Other times it is lack of successful strategies. Affirmations can be applied to any new habit we want to establish.   Self-defeating habits have been established over time, and it takes time to replace them with better habits. Affirmations work. Here are some Weight Loss Affirmations.
Day 1: Weight Loss Affirmations
The only time I eat is when I am physically hungry.
I always decide whether it is mental or physical hunger that I am feeling.
I treat my body in a respectful way and I do not eat when my body does not need food.

Day 2: Weight Loss Affirmations
I eat food that is good for my body.
When I have had enough, I leave the rest of the food on my plate.
I enjoy salads, fruits and vegetables more.

Day 3 Weight Loss Affirmations
I look forward to wearing clothes that show off my leaner body.
I love and respect myself.
I am confident and secure.

Day 4 Weight Loss Affirmations
I choose only food that keeps me energy.
It is easy for me to stop and relax before I eat.
I eat only those things that support my goals as a slimmer person.

Day 5 Weight Loss Affirmations
I eat, exercise and think like a lean, healthy, fit person.
I am more positive all the time.
I  am committed to healthy living.

Day 6 Weight Loss Affirmations
I am becoming slimmer every day.
I love my body and get more energy from less food.
I am filled with vitality, as I eat only the food my body needs .

Day 7 Weight Loss Affirmations
I exercise my right to make a decision in the interests of my body.
I make intelligent decisions about food.
I stop eating after only a few bites of something sweet.

Day 8 Weight Loss Affirmations
I take care of myself.
I know I deserve a lean and healthy body.
I love the way my lean body feels.

Day 9 Weight Loss Affirmations
I love myself now.
Just because it is meal time, doesn’t mean I need to eat.
I celebrate my own power to make choices around food.

Day 10 Weight Loss Affirmations
I choose discipline instead of regrets.
It is easy to make the right choices.
I eat, walk, talk and act like a lean, fit person.

Day 11 Weight Loss Affirmations
My body is becoming stronger and more attractive every day.
I enjoy walking up stairs more than taking the elevator.
I challenge myself to get more exercise every day

Day 12 Weight Loss Affirmations
I am sexy,
I am beautiful.
I have a great figure and I am proud when others notice my new body.

Day 13  Weight Loss Affirmations
I chew slowly and eat mindfully.
I always decide bite after bite if I really want more.
I enjoy my new eating habits, they support me.

Day 14 Weight Loss Affirmations
I enjoy my choice to have a lean, healthy body.
I only eat what I really want.
My desire for health and vitality exceeds any desire for food.