Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

  • Do you feel confused about what to eat on a regular basis (grains, dairy, meat, and other specific foods)?
  • Do you feel like eating healthy means eating food that doesn’t taste very good?
  • Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy diet for an extended period of time?

It is Time to Hire a Coach!

What is Nutrition Coaching?

A coach is an accountability partner, a mentor, and helps you overcome barriers. Most of us cannot do it alone, if we could we would have succeeded a long time ago.  A coach can help you use nutrition to:

  • Improve Your Health – Feel More Energetic – Prevent Illness
  • Lose excess weight and keep it off
  • Demystify what it means to eat healthy!


Experience and Training

Coach Kristi will help you understand what to eat, how to make quick and yummy meals, and how to maintain a healthy regime.  We will focus on strategies for overcoming old habits and developing new behaviors that will support your goals for the long term, instead of providing band-aid solutions.

Why Coach Kristi?

Coach Kristi, walks her talk – by age 21 she was 60 lbs overweight. She went on a diet, and kept it off for 5 years. But, then for more than 20 years bounced from diet to diet, eventually becoming more than 100 lbs overweight.  It was not until the past 5 years that Kristi studied Holistic Nutrition and applied the coaching strategies she used when coaching others as a life coach and business coach.  Learning to eat intentionally and acquiring new habits has enabled Coach Kristi to help herself, first and now she helps others achieve their goals.

How It Works

1. Purchase Coach Kristi’s nutrition coaching service below and complete the nutrition questionnaire that is listed under the Forms tab.

2. Coach Kristi will contact you via email within 24 hours, to set up your first phone session and give you login details for this website. The members area of this website contains a library of healthy recipes, plus access to special nutrition education, and access to a comprehensive nutrition and exercise tracking system.

3. Every week, receive a 30-minute telephone coaching session to discuss your goals and progress. New recipes or nutritional education that is specific to you may be provided after each session. * Note: Couples will each complete separate nutrition questionnaires, and will receive 45-minute telephone sessions weekly.


  • $28.59 CAD/week (including tax)
  • 100 day challenge (14 weeks) – Regular $400.26  Special Offer – Save 30%: $280.00