Living the Life of a Normal Weight Person

How are you going to live, once you lose your weight?

If you haven’t yet defined that, now is a good time. You need a clear vision of what your days, weeks and months will look like when you are normal weight. Imagine it! This is your opportunity to DREAM! Dream BIG!

In fact, I will go as far as to say, if you don’t define what your life is going to be like, then you are just on one more temporary weight loss agenda.  If you get a clear vision, you will be able to see it, taste it and feel it with all your inner being. And, from that point you can achieve long term results,

There will be nothing you can’t achieve once you have conquered your weight problem.  This is undeniably true, because to lose your weight will take focus, willingness to put in effort, commitment and a fair dose of self-discipline.  So, look at that list! The traits and skills the process of taking control of your food and exercise is going to provide you with traits that will make you a stronger, more confident person and will enable you to conquer anything you put your mind to.

Take a poster sized piece of paper, or if not available, use your journal  and do some brainstorming. I think a poster is the best idea, because you may want to keep it up for a while. Either way, you will also want to capture the essence of this exercise in your journal.  In the center of the page write “life as a 126 lb. 35 year old” (of course, substituting your goal weight and age to be correct for you.)  Now circle that.  Think about it for a few minutes.  Imagine what that would be like.

Now, write several categories. I suggest, sports, physical activity, sex life, shopping trips, travel, social life, and work.  Now fast as you can, without filtering your thoughts – dream of what you would love to do and write it in the appropriate area.  Once you get into the flow of it, it will become more and more exciting. You will suddenly think of things you thought you would never be able to do — and perhaps you never would be able at your starting weight.

Start TODAY!

Now, go out and today, start living your life as close to that as you can. If you want to run a marathon and now you have trouble walking a mile in 15 minutes, that is where you start.  If you shy away from social interaction, start with something that pushes you out there – go volunteer or do something where you interact with people.

For me, I quickly came up with so many things. Imagine going on a shopping trip to any store you wanted to in the mall. At my peak weight only department stores and plus sized shops carried clothes that fit me! Which leads me to my next point. Most obese people would rather do almost anything other than try on clothing. They know that most things are going to look awful or will not fit.  Starting this week go and try on at least three outfits every week. Yes, even if you hate shopping.

This exercise will reminded of how badly you look in most clothes and you can use this as motivation to recognize you know things can be different and you are going to put in the effort. Remember it is YOU that put all that food in your mouth. When you enter the store, remind yourself the reason you are there is to clarify you motivation and your vision.

Second, while you are in the store, pull a few things off the rack that are the size you want to wear. Drool a little, but DO NOT BUY THEM! You must quit buying clothes that are too small.  Moreover, you do not know what will look good on you when you lose weight — buying clothes that don’t fit is in the same category as that  paisley moomoo your aunt Beth bought you last Christmas. You will never wear it.

Your dreams, like goals, need to be specific.  It isn’t a very empowering dream to say, I am going to spend my weekends doing active things.  It is much more empowering if you can actually visualize yourself riding a 100 km bike trip, or running a marathon. The more you dream of what life will be like after you are normal weight, the more work you will be willing to up into becoming normal weight.