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Workplace Wellness: Flipping the Training Experience

Time and timing is a factor for most employers, when it comes to Wellness Workshops. Our system allows employees to work you do on their own time, if the employer is unable to allot time. If an employer wants employees to engage more deeply on the topic, they can then coming together to discuss and master the material. It is suggested that employees learn the videos and materials at home.

Holistic Approach

Wellness Connection looks holistically at the lives of employees. Healthy workplaces contribute to your overall well-being. Stress at home, stress at work, personal health issues, workplace inter-personal relationships, family well-being, workplace bullying,leadership skills for leaders mental health issues, work-life balance, workplace safety, to name a few, are all issues that impact an employees ability to do his or her job effectively.



Get the MOST out of the Program Topics:

Click on the topic of interest. Then watch the videos, answer the questions, and then comment. Follow the comment updates. Comments are moderated and responded to by a coach, and/or by HR Administrators and/or Health and Safety Supervisors, and other employees. This makes for an interactive learning environment.  Continually add additional information, or topics and additional quizzes.

Why use a Self-Directed Learning Model

changeThe Wellness Connection Workplace Wellness Program allows everyone to select topics and issues that directly effect them. There are topics in this section that may, or may not, effect you personally but they may be an issue for a co-worker. For example: It has been said that financially stressed people, who have debt issues, spend up to an hour a day working on how to deal with their debt. Even when they are not working on it, their thoughts are processing the issue. This means it effects their work. That is only one example of how what is happening in other areas of your life effect your ability to do your job. Wellness Connection offers a system that is flexible and enables both employees and employers to benefit from something that can address a wider scope of needs and interests.

Formalizing the Process

If there is a topic, which the employer or a supervisor, feels is something that all employees (or a group of employees) needs to study and discuss formally the suggested process would be as follows:

  1. The supervisor would select the topic and send the url to the employees
  2. The employees would review the topic (and videos) usually on their own time, as homework, by a scheduled date.
  3. The supervisor would schedule a meeting which would take place immediately following the date the ‘homework’ is to be completed.
  4. The supervisor would moderate a discussion relating to the topic and the group would agree on some goals relating to the topic, to implement the learning into their day-to-day activities.

The topics include videos from a variety of coaches and trainers with expertise in the related field. While Wellness Connection does not endorse any of the coaches/trainers, Wellness Connection welcomes and encourages employers to explore further training through these coaches or trainers – especially if you are impressed with the knowledge and style of the coach or trainer in the provided videos. The topics provide videos from more than one coach or trainer to provide a richer learning experience.

Stretching your Wellness Budget

The corporate wellness budget in most companies is limited, and often results in many needs being unmet. Wellness Connection offers:

  • more time freedom for HR, supervisors, and trainers by reducing the time needed to plan curriculum or workshops
  • a modular, flexible, self-directed program, making it possible for employers to give employees access to the training, information and support to meet individual needs
  • independence to allow employees the opportunity to access info and help on topics that are more personal
  • It also gives access to information with privacy. (Note: the system will lock you out, if you attempt to login from too many different devices and locations).
  • Wellness in the Workplace Program:

A resource based self-paced program allowing employees to address issues that apply to them. Gives employees easy access to educational videos done by professionals in respective fields, and interactive quizzes for assessment. Includes more than 100 videos and more than 50 self-assessment quizzes. Topics include: Bullying, Interpersonal Skills, Goal Setting, Time Management, Psychological issues, and much more.

  • Employee Savings, Discounts and Perks:

    Enjoy the savings major companies offer their employees. With our Employee Perks program you have access to thousands of products from hundreds of companies as discounts they normally only offer to their own employees. Imagine how much you can save, in one year, when buying products and services you would be buying anyway.

Employees will have access to Employee Perks with as long as your company is a member of Wellness Connection.

What others say about this Model

Wellness Connection is not the only Workplace Training Company to see the advantages of this type of model. This video, provides a good argument as to why this is an effective model. This video by the Non-Profit Partnership explains why they use this model when delivering training to the non-profit sector.

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