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Health Product Recall

Periodically products that have not been approved by Health Canada appear on the shelves of stores or are marketed through Network Marketing or MLM organizations. Although some of these may meet the standards to the US Drug authorities, or the Drug administration of other countries where they are often manufactured, all products sold in Canada require a DIN number (Drug Identification Number). Health Product recalls include products that are not drugs. All consumable health products are governed by Health Canada and may be subject to Health Product Recall.


Government of Canada Health and Safety Recalls

About the Health Product Recall Program

Health Product RecallMany people recognize the Canadian standards to be influenced highly by the Canadian Pharmaceutical companies, and this leads to many Canadians choosing to order products from the US, which are allowed to come into Canada in reasonable volumes for personal consumption. This may or may not be a wise practice. Always ask, why a Health Product Recall program exists or why a Health Product Recall exists for a particular product. Wellness Connection is a strong proponent of consultation with an accredited health care practitioner – and even then recognizes not all practitioners are of equal knowledge level or experience. Wellness Connection always advise you to be wise in how you make decisions that effect your health. Checking the Health Product Recall list provided is advised.

Beyond Health Product Recall: Choosing Products

Wellness Connection has compared products offered by Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing products and found the pricing to often be equal or higher than that charged by a Naturopath or other professional practitioner. Therefore, Wellness Connection always suggests purchasing products from a trusted professional. Most practitioners will be aware of the latest Health Product Recall and will be able to enlighten you with regards to the impact of taking medications on the Health Product Recall. When in doubt, always get a second opinion.

The Health Product Recall program does not check whether the product on the label meets specific potency. The quality of products and potency is not controlled by Health Canada, in the case of herbal or supplements, it is often difficult to really compare products. The objective of the Health Canada Product Recall program is more related to their criteria around stating claims as to potential results received from using the product and whether or not a particular herb or ingredient is believed by Health Canada to be safe. However, this is just one more reason for dealing with practitioners or professionals that are more focused on what you need, than on the sale. All too often direct marketing companies, or MLM sales reps lack the knowledge of your personal health. In most cases it is not true that there are certain products that everyone should be taking – frequently a modus operendi of sales driven direct sales reps. Health Product Recall is not the complete be all and end all when it comes to knowing what products to use.