Hampton’s Diet Review

I have been writing my last few posts as reviews of various diets. The Hamptons Diet is an updated version of the Mediterranean Diet, with macadamia nut oil, replacing the olive oil usually found in the Mediterranean Diet. Like most low carb diets, it works on restricting the amount of carbs and attests that use of fat in the diet enables people who suffer from sugar cravings or carb cravings from being tempted. The belief is that oil, increases satiety and reduces the blood sugar roller coaster making the urge to binge on sugar or binge on carbs to be dramatically reduced.

Hamptons Diet: The Book

The Book, “The Hamptons Diet” contains extensive information about cooking with oils. Like most low carbs diets, it has three phases.

Hamptons Diet Stages

Hamptons Diet Stage A: for those with more than 10 pounds to lose, carbs are restricted to less than 30 grams per day. Hamptons Diet Stage B: for those with less than 10 pounds to lose or approaching goal weight, between 40-60 grams of carbs daily. Hamptons Diet Stage C: Maintenance and Health, with no weight loss goal, between 55-65 carbs for women, and 65-85 carbs for men. The Hamptons Diet is a high protein diet. It suggests eating organic foods. It discourages eating processed foods. Processed foods have more fat and preservatives added that are not good for the body, even for normal weight people. The Hampton’s Diet also suggests using macadamia oil instead of using olive or canola oil. The macadamia oil offers many healthy benefits, but it costs a lot more than olive.

The Hamptons Diet Overview

The diet is full of high proteins and low fat foods. Atkins diet did not restrict high fat foods, seemingly almost encouraging high saturated fat foods.  When following the Hamptons Diet you are able to eat vegetables, fish and other high protein foods. You are also allowed carbs, fruits, milk and alcohol in moderation. This diet was created to help people lose weight fast and keep it off. For breakfast you are able to eat egg dishes such as scrambled eggs or even homemade muffins. For lunch you can eat salad or sandwiches as long as the bread is made with whole grain. For dinner, you can eat fish and vegetables. This diet is more of a lifestyle change, rather than just a diet.

Lifestyle Change Over Diet

This diet is a healthy lifestyle change since it doesn’t forbid you from eating certain foods. It just teaches you how to eat more healthy and add more vegetables in your diet. You are allowed to eat the other food groups in moderation so you will not feel deprived. You will still need to add exercise into your plan, which is a good choice no matter what program you choose. Although organic food is more costly and macadamia nut oil is harder to find and more expensive than olive oil, the overall cost for most people is probably negligible because processed foods are often the most costly of all foods and the Hamptons Diet discourages consumption of processed foods This diet is better that the Atkins high protein diet in the fact that you are able to eat more vegetables. You are also able to eat other foods in moderation so you don’t feel deprived. As long as you enjoy the other foods in moderation and include exercise in your diet, there should be great results. I have not tried the Hamptons Diet. It sounds like some of the issues — particularly the high availability of saturated fats in the Atkins diet, have been addressed. It appears that many people have success with this plan.  I am not sure that the Hamptons Diet doesn’t still maintain the mentality of dieting versus life long change and balanced normal eating. Join us and begin your 100 day challenge to weight loss, and being active.