Fructose: Why Prepared Foods are so Addictive

Fructose is added to food products is one of the key reasons you should not eat prepared foods. I didn’t understand the magnitude of how severely fructose interferes with weight loss. The amount of Fructose North Americans are consuming is part of the underlying cause of the increasing obesity, particularly in the US. Fructose is added by manufacturers because they know it is very addictive, and leads to higher profits through increased sales.
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Fructose Interferes with Weight Loss: Fatty Liver Disease

We know that obese people can have fatty liver disease and suffer from the same types of liver damage as alcoholics. What I didn’t know is fructose is the main cause. Just to clarify we are not talking about fructose in fruit, as it is balanced with fiber. We are talking about fructose added to prepared food. And, fructose is added to everything from bread, to juice, soda pop, to meat, to baked goods, to cereals, to vegetables and everything you can imagine.

Fructose Interferes with Weight Loss: How is it different than other sugars?

Fructose interferes with weight loss for numerous reasons:

  • Fructose is metabolized by the liver differently than other sugars.
  • Fructose interferes with weight loss because it doesn’t activate insulin production.
  • Fructose doesn’t activate leptin, the hormone that tells us we are full.
  • Fructose interferes with weight loss because it does not suppress ghrelin, the hormone that tells us we are hungry. Did you ever notice you can give a child a box of fruit drink 20 minutes before dinner in a fast food restaurant and they will actually eat just as much or more! If you gave them an apple with the same calories, they would be full and won’t want to eat.

Fructose is not metabolized the same as other carbohydrates. Normal occurring carbs suppress ghrelin and activate leptin. The reason fructose interferes with weight loss intervention is that because leptin isn’t activated and ghrelin is remains the dominant hormone, the brain tells you are starving and you must eat more.

Fructose interferes with Weight Loss because you Think you are Starving

This is exactly what I thought before I started my weight loss journey. I thought I was starving. I was eating a lot of prepared foods containing fructose. As much as I thought I ate well, I was consuming enough fructose to keep my body in a state of feeling it was starving.

I was actually surprise at how quickly I lost weight at first. And, now I understand. I completely stopped buying prepared food – including bread. Without realizing it I had removed fructose from my diet.

Fructose interferes with Weight Loss and Damages your Liver

Fructose damages your liver the same way as ethanol does. We have hundreds of years of alcohol laws, to minimize the damage done by ethanol, but no legislation to curb fructose being added to foods. I always thought fructose added to foods came from fruit. WRONG! The fructose we consume is manufactured. Alcohol is metabolized by the brain so it gives you a buzz, while fructose is metabolized by the liver. Both are toxins. Fructose interferes with weight loss, and worse yet, it causes liver damage because it was never intended for our liver to have to process this.

The Youtube video below is very long and highly scientific but it is very informative. Dr. Lustig, University of California explains how Fructose Interferes with Weight Loss.

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