Faulty Beliefs about Weight Loss: How much do you really eat?

I don’t eat that much! It must be my genes!

Recently the drinking and driving campaign has had a commercial on the radio that says “So you are not too drunk to drive…Are you too drunk to get stopped.” The difference between our perceived behavior and our actual behavior often doesn’t match. This is in part a self-preservation mentality. Honesty is difficult when you know there is evidence of your problem and you are just not willing to be honest with yourself.

Fact is, if we are obese, we are taking in more calories than we are expending. While we all have that one friend, who seems to be able to eat everything and still not gain weight, chances are there is a very good explanation. I have one friend who fits this category but she is so hyper, she does enough fidgeting to burn off 500 or 1000 calories a day. She lived with me for a couple of months and her pace would make most of us dizzy. She ate big meals, and she had lots of nuts for an evening snack. However, in reality, there were equally as many times that she would miss several meals in one day without eating to make up for it.  She makes choices differently. Most of all she eats consciously. She stops if she feels full.

Most obese people are unconscious eaters. I don’t mean they are comatose,  I mean that they put food in their mouth without consciously registering it. 99% of them could not tell you exactly what they ate by the end of the day. They would forget about the two or three tastes while they were cooking, the frosty they picked up at the drive through, the extra cream in the coffee, the chocolate truffle a coworker gave them and so on.

It is next to impossible to track what an obese person eats. Even if we decide we are going to journal every bite, we will change our behavior because suddenly we are required to be conscious about our eating behavior.  While it is a very difficult habit to get into, asking oneself “is this necessary and good for the nutritional needs of my body” before every bite. If we eat a few bites, or half a meal and realize we are no longer hungry. We must listen to our body and STOP!  Eat consciously!  Eat consciously when you take the first bite, and eat consciously when you take the last bite.