Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos

Step-by-Step: How To

Basic Instructional Exercise Videos

Instructional videos on how to do ab crunches, dips, squats, back extensions and other exercises correctly. 9 Short Easy to Follow Instructional Exercise Videos View Videos

Outdoor Total Body Workout

Disclaimer: CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!exercise videos

We have not produced these videos, and these are provided as a resource only. WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY OF THESE TRAINERS OR ANY OF THE PRODUCTS AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THESE VIDEOS. Opening, or using any of these videos, is at your own risk.

Everything you need to do a full body workout outside, regardless of fitness level. Something for everyone. View Videos

Men’s Workouts : Women’s Workouts

Workout at home no equipment needed. From Beginner to Advanced.

The type of workout one chooses must be different if you goal is to bulk up and build muscle or if you are looking to slim down. Clicking here will take you to a page with both men’s and women’s videos. Scroll down the page to view Men’s finess.  . View Videos