Exercise and Eating Wisely

Exercise has more benefits than weight loss. In fact, as a tool for weight loss, I don’t see exercise as the best solution. If you look at how much exercise you need to burn just a few extra calories, it is pretty depressing. If you eat one apple you have to exercise for half an hour to burn those calories.  You need to run for an hour to burn off the calories from a burger, or 45 minutes to burn off the calories of a big muffin.  So, you think you can keep on eating the same way as you have always eaten and lose weight by exercising, you are going to have to do a LOT of exercise.

Exercise Required to Burn off Calories:

ActivityCalories burned in one hour 130 pounds 155 pounds 180 pounds 205 pounds
Running, 5 miles at 12 minutes per mile 472 563 654 745
Badminton 266  317 368 419
Walking (moderate speed) 195 232 270 307

Weight Loss Secrets Revealed - 100 Day Weight Loss ChallengeOther Exercise Benefits

Even though exercise is not necessarily the best solution for losing weight, by comparison of eating fewer calories or smaller portions, there are merits of exercising while losing weight.  Exercise tones and tightens. If you <u>exercise </u> you will lose more inches.  It provides for a better looking body.

Exercise is proven to be a stress reliever. Exercise has also been shown to reduce or banish depression.  This is probably one of the biggest reasons one should exercise if they want to lose weight. Stress eating and eating to resolve emotional blues are two of the major causes of obesity. If we can use exercise as a coping mechanism to reduce the impact of stress and depression, then it is a major asset to our weight loss goals.

My Exercise Goals

I know that I must step up my exercise. I have to admit I am not keen about exercising alone, or in gyms. I need to find walking partners. I guess if I owned a dog, I would have a great walking partner, who would be ready and willing to go whenever I wanted. I would also have some motivation to meet the needs of the dog, and that would lead to more regularity in my walking regime. The problem is I would rather have human company while walking. Exercise which is more aerobic than walking is better for weight loss purposes.

I do Zumba and I occasionally workout in the exercise facility in the building where I live. I have been walking at least 30 minutes every day that the weather is not miserable and rainy. I want to either get my old bike back or buy a new one.  I do enjoy cycling – however, I like to cycle where there is great scenery. Great scenery isn’t hard to find in the Lower Mainland, but the best cycling trails are about 10 to 15 miles from me.

I felt good about my walk today. Hard to get myself out there, even when the sun is shining, but always glad I did it after I am done.