Review of the South Beach Diet

Today, I am continuing with my review of my personal experiences with various diets, I have tried over the years. The South Beach Diet came out while the Atkin’s Diet was at the peak of its popularity. You may notice diets come in the “flavor of the day” —  they come and go. The South Beach Diet attempts to address some of the issues, people expressed with the Atkins Diet.  Many people are concerned about whether Atkins Diet could be potentially dangerous, due to the liberal consumption of saturated fats allowed.

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South Beach Diet Overview

So, enter South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet, is basically the Dr. Atkin’s Diet without the saturated fats.

It also has the same three phases as the Dr. Atkin’s Diet.  In Phase One of the South Beach Diet, like Atkins Diet; allows no bread, no potatoes, no cereal, no fruit, no pasta or other high carb foods. In Phase Two, you add back just enough carbs to let you continue to lose weight, in the range of about 2 pounds a week. In Phase Three, you have reached your goal weight and you add in still more carbs from any category of food you like.  No specifics are given, it is up to the individual to find what works.

Why South Beach Diet doesn’t work for me:

While this diet may work for some people, I call it the playing with fire approach. Definitely, out of control carbohydrate consumption is the biggest contributing factor to my obesity. The approach, of adding back “as much as you can get away with” (my expression – not the South Beach pitch), is like saying play with fire, and see how far you can go without getting burned.

It creates a “see how much I can get away with approach” — it is flirting with danger. It is so easy to go overboard at one meal, and think “I will just cut back a little the next” and before long I was back to eating behavior that only leads to obesity. In fact, the South Beach diet like the Atkins diet lasted only a matter of weeks for me–and I was going nowhere.

How is Our Approach Different from South Beach Diet

I just believe it is better to reprogram how I look at what I put in my body and eat only things my body needs at any given time, for optimum health and nourishment. Our program is different from the South Beach Diet, the Dr. Atkin’s Diet, or other diets. It is not a diet.

We offer coaching – to help you change faulty beliefs, and remove barriers. We offer nutritional counseling to help you learn how to eat for optimal health — which goes far beyond dieting to life-long eating changes. If you want to use the South Beach Diet while completing the 100 Day Challenge – you can. We believe after you start, you may want to leave the South Beach diet, and all other diets behind, and learn to eat for optimal health, and like normal weight people eat.