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Getting Started: Pantry and Fridge: Plant Based Diet

Omnivore’s Envy About the first thing that most omnivores, and carnivores say when you tell them you have just gone plant based, or vegan, is “I could never do that. Vegan food is so boring and limited.” Well, this salad is a salad that anyone would enjoy! Seeing as we eat first with our eyes,…

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Commitment to Healthy Eating

Getting Started After all, if cantaloupe is low calorie – why not eat it the whole melon? If beans are high calorie – why eat them at all? Maybe you should never have potatoes – they are a comfort food – and shouldn’t dieting be difficult? Calorie counts can skew your relationship with food and…

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Calories Do Count

Plant Based Diet for Weight Loss While it seems like there are people, and doctors out there who are declaring that you will lose weight by going on a plant based diet, it is not a given if you consume too much food. A calorie is still a calorie whether it comes from a healthy…

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Whole Plant Diet My experiment with following a plant based diet only was in 2010. There is a big difference in what I intend to do, versus most people who live on vegan diets. My goal is to be plant based, low fat and no highly processed foods. That means no junk or nutritionally void,…

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Vegan Weight Loss Challenge

My Plant Based Lifestyle Experiment UPDATE: While I learned a lot in the process of trying the vegan lifestyle, I do not see it as panacea. I believe elements of the plant based lifestyle can be beneficial to add to your lifestyle, it can come with its own pitfalls. Not all vegan people are eating…

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