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Disengaged Employees are Costing your Business

Out of 10 employees: 3 work their butts off, 5 are along for the ride, and 2 are sinking your business. In other words 30% of the employees do most of the work, and the bottom 20% are probably costing you up to 5 or 10 times what you pay them.

Employee Engagement - Who's Sinking Your Boat?

7 out of 10 employees are disengaged or actively disengaged. 3 are busting their butts, 5 are looking at the scenery, two are actively trying to sink the boat.

Why it matters: A Scientific Approach to Engagement and Motivation

While engagement profiling is unlikely to fit the budget of most small to medium sized businesses, this video explains the difference between motivation and engagement.


Disengaged Employees Cost you More than you Think

An estimated 70 percent of employees are "disengaged." They aren't satisfied or productive, and this costs your organization time and money. In this course, Todd Dewett walks you through the steps to building high-performing and engaged teams of motivated employees. Learn the three keys to engaging and retaining your team: strong relationships, a great work culture, and opportunities for employees to grow. Along the way, discover how to assess engagement, build trust, create intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, honor contributions by your "superstars," and build pathways for employees to grow and stay with your company.

Armada TV - Bad Hires Cost you More than You Think

Lisa Sullivan, COO at The Armada Group, gives tips on how to keep your employees engaged in the workplace, which results in happier team members who are 87% less likely to resign. Watch for more stats and tips!

Questions that Identify Disengaged Employees

Companies with engaged employees have profits that are approximately 10% higher than similar companies with disengaged employees. The unfortunate fact is well more than half of employees are disengaged at work. We know employee disengagement is bad—but exactly how bad? Let's look at some statistics that should put the issue at the top of your priority list.

Bad Employees: Role Play - Hours are not Everything

Managing employees can be a bit of a balancing act. You want to give them space so they can live up to their greatest potential. But at the same time, you don't want them taking advantage of your flexibility. You want them to work hard, but you don't want them to clock extra hours just for the sake of it. At the end of the day, your company wants results and your staff's performance directly affects the growth of your business.


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