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Welcome: Education is power. Personal self-development is a great way to strengthen our well-being. The ability to gain knowledge, opens doors to seeing new opportunities for self-improvement, business productivity and encourages life balance, stress reduction, better interpersonal skills, and healthy personal choices and healthy workplace cultures.


Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness: includes a wide variety of topics which impact employees personally, socially, financially, emotionally, physically, and emotionally.

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Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health affect 1 in 5 Canadians, it is time to talk about it!
The Mental Health and Wellness section includes a wide variety of topics relating mental health and mental wellness including topics relating to job performance. Education and understanding are crucial steps in removing the stigma. This resource is not a replacement for professional help. Any coaching provided by Wellness Connection coaches, is not intended to replace counseling or assessment by healthcare professionals.

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stop bullyingAre you being bullied? Are you a bully? Bullying in the workplace is something that nobody should experience. Workers Compensation programs have made 'anti-bullying' training in the workplace mandatory.  There are numerous lessons relating to bullying in the Workplace Safety section. (Must Login to View)  Start here

Workplace Safety

The Workplace Safety section includes a wide variety of topics relating to safety in the workplace - including bullying, physical safety and emotional safety.

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Workplace Skills

A wide variety of topics relating to job performance:  including skills such as Customer Service,  Innovation, Leadership, as well as topics such as Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building and other soft skills.

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Each Topic consists of a Playlist

Modules, or topics, can be reviewed individually. These topics are a selection of topics that may be of value for anyone looking for personal growth, or interested in exploring the topic. While the playlists have been selected from videos presented by experts in each field, they are not an endorsement.

Upcoming Topics

Additional topics are added on a regular basis. Watch for updated, or new topics. Wellness Connection seeks to provide playlists with interesting wellness information.