Atkins Diet Review

Today I will review the Atkins Diet. I am taking a Weight Loss Coaching program to complement my designation as a Certified Coach. This will help me on my journey and will give me the skills to help others when I achieve my goals. My present point of view is diets don’t work and that one needs to learn portion control and to eat like a normal weight person.  However, one of the modules in my course details the difference between the most common diets out there. I thought I would review these and tell my experiences with this type of diet. I will start by reviewing the Atkins Diet.atkins diet

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet has four stages:

  • Stage 1: Induction – allowed less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day
  • Stage 2: Ongoing weight loss (allowed an additional 5 grams per week until you find the level at which you can continue to lose approximately 2 lbs per week)
  • Stage3: Starts when you are within 10 lbs of your goal weight. You add back a little more carbs to slow weight loss down and transition to maintenance.
  • Stage 4: Maintenance

Atkins Diet: Fat, Protein and Calories

In the Atkins Diet, Fat and protein is not counted, calories are not counted except if you are having difficulty, then you may need to pay attention to calories.

Using the Atkins Diet the typical carb intake in the second stage may need to be reduced to as low as 15 gms per day for people who are metabolically resistant or can go as high as 90 gms for regular exercisers. Most often it is about 40-60 grams.

Personal Experience with Atkins Diet

I have attempted the Atkins Diet a number of times. My experience was that I had a great weight loss at first but after a few weeks I began to feel sick. It made me feel nauseous and the weight loss didn’t continue.  The first time or two I tried it, I thought I was doing something wrong, but I don’t think I was because I purchased the testing strips (Ketostix) to check for ketones in the urine and whenever I was in the range Atkins wants you to be in, I felt sick. You need to be eating a fair bit of fat, to be in the ketosis inducing range.

For this reason, I found the Atkins Diet does not work for me. The reason I believe it is better not to be on a diet, but rather eat portion controlled and eat the foods normal weight people eat, is that if you do some diet that is not sustainable, you will only revert to gaining back your weight. For this reason I do not recommend the Atkins Diet.

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